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Prints on this page are high quality, printed using Epsom inks that last up to 300 years, on Fine Art Canvas paper. All prints are available unframed, signed by Jan Tomlinson.

A4 (£10) or A3 (£15).

Framed prints are available on request and examples will be available to view here. Contact me by email.

This year (2020) I have donated all profits to Charity.


A variety of frames available, including hand crafted deco-patch frame using the same image.

St Nicholas Withernsea A4 unframed Print  £10

St Nicholas Withernsea A3 unframed Print  £15

St Patrick's Patrington A4 unframed Print  £10

St Patrick's Patrington A3 unframed Print  £15

St Andrew's Paull A4 unframed Print  £10

St Andrew's Paull A3 unframed Print  £15

All Saints North Dalton A4 unframed Print  £10

All Saints North Dalton A3 unframed Print  £15

Kilnwick Percy unframed A4 Print  £10

Kilnwick Percy unframed A3 Print  £15

St James' Fordon unframed A4 Print  £10

St James' Fordon unframed A3 Print  £15

St Mary's Ellerton  

unframed A4 Print  £10

St Mary's Ellerton  unframed A3 Print  £15

St Nicholas Keyingham  unframed A4 Print  £10

St Nicholas Keyingham  unframed A3 Print  £15

St Mary's Huggate unframed A4 Print  £10

St Mary's Huggate  unframed A3 Print  £15

St Magnus Bessingby

  unframed A4 Print  £10

St Magnus Bessingby

  unframed A3 Print  £15

St Edith's Bishop Wilton  unframed A4 Print  £10

St Edith's Bishop Wilton  unframed A3 Print  £15

Beverley Minster  unframed A4 Print  £10

Beverley Minster  unframed A3 Print  £15

St Catherine Barmby Moor  unframed A4 Print  £10

St Catherine Barmby Moor unframed A3 Print  £15

All Saints Aughton  unframed A4 Print  £10

All Saints Aughton  unframed A3 Print  £15

St Helen Barmby on the Marsh  unframed A4 Print  £10

St Peter's Wawne  A4 unframed Print  £10

St Peter's Wawne A3 unframed print £15

St Andrew's Boynton A4 unframed print  £10

St Andrew's Boynton A3 unframed print  £15

St Helen Barmby on the Marsh unframed A3 Print  £15

All Saints North ferriby A4 unframed Print  £10

All Saints North FerribyA3 unframed Print  £15

St Mary's South Dalton A4 unframed Print  £10

St Mary's South Dalton A3 unframed Print  £15

St Andrew's Middleton unframed A4 Print  £10

St Andrew's Middleton unframed A3 Print  £15

St Mary's Etton  unframed A4 Print  £10

St Mary's Etton  unframed A3 Print  £15

St Bartholomew Aldbrough unframed A4 Print  £10

St Bartholomew Aldbrough unframed A3 print  £15

St Ethelburga Great Givendale unframed A4 print £10

St Ethelburga Great Givendale unframed A3 print £15

All Saints Goodmanham unframed A4 Print  £10

All Saints Goodmanham unframed A3 Print  £15

St Michael's Cherry Burton  unframed A4 Print  £10

St Michael's Cherry Burton  unframed A3 Print  £15

St Giles Burnby unframed A4 Print  £10

St Giles Burnby unframed A3 Print  £15




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